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Wine On The Go!

I travel a lot. I mean, A LOT. Which also includes, on average, three to four international trips a year; which is great! Especially since it usually allows me some time for my propensity for wine and spirits. Normally on each trip I will dedicate at least one day to visiting the local vineyards and/or distilleries to bring home “the best” of the region, not only for myself, but also to share with friends and family for those special occasions.

Up until recently, I made it a part of my packing inventory to include extra items of soft clothing, such as t-shirts, to wrap the aforementioned bottles in so safeguard the journey through the handling of airport personnel on both sides of “the pond” as well as the miles in between. Even though I have NEVER lost a bottle in transport due to rough handling, it always made me nervous when it came to the more expensive items that were procured.

That was until I discovered the newest travel gem from FlyWithWine; the VinGardeValise. The VinGardeValise is a durable yet lightweight suitcase specifically designed to carry up to five bottles of wine, spirts, glassware, or anything else that you might come across on your next Wine Trail vacation or even your Vacation of a Lifetime!

TSA Approved!

The durable hard-shell exterior is made from environmentally-friendly, durable PET and comes with a TSA-Compliant lock. Which was my first, and really only concern about the suitcase. How would TSA handle the lock and what kind of damage might happen should it be broken or opened during security screenings.

As you can imagine, going out was not an issue...but once returning, this is where I was concerned at the port of departure. On both segments of the trip, I placed the suitcase on the scale at check-in, got the destination checked-luggage tag slapped on the outside, and away it disappeared down the conveyor and off to wherever they go prior to be loading on the plane. All I could now was wait.

Arriving back with my feet on the ground, my bag arrived in luggage claim just as it had always done a thousand times before. A little scuffed up, as normal...but in one piece. The lock had not been damaged and upon checking out the contents before leaving the airport (just in case I had to file a damage claim) found that each of the bottles was in perfect condition.

Fly Flexible

As skeptical as I was, this bag has instantly become my favorite travel amenity. The removable inserts allow for a variety of bottle shapes and sizes as well as quantity (although I do not know why you would ever travel with less than the absolute maximum number you could get in there).

The case was large enough to get a few changes of clothes on the other side as well, however if you order additional inserts you can have a dedicated suitcase strictly for bottles. All in all, I can see myself getting a complete set of these in the near future!

As funny as it felt to be traveling with a half-empty suitcase when I started, it was a great feeling coming back with both sides loaded with my souvenirs from the trip! Keep in mind that, should you purchase the Piccolo, which is a carry on size, it can only be carried on when it is empty. TSA Rules still apply for liquid amounts when you insert a bottle and therefor it MUST be checked under the airplane. Happy Traveling!


Key Features That We Like

  • Pack Two to Five Bottle WITH Personal Items

  • Comes with a 10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Hard Shell Construction and Durability

  • Made From Recycled PET Bottles

Colors Available

  • Black

  • Burgundy

  • Silver

Sizes Available

  • Grande 12 bottle unit - 18” x 13.5” x 27” | 14 lbs. Unpacked ($379.95*)

  • Petite 8 bottle unit - 18” x 13” x 22” | 12 lbs. Unpacked ($339.95*)

  • Piccolo 5 bottle unit - 9.5”D x 16”W x 22.8” L | 9.5 lbs. Unpacked ($289.95*)

*Rates, colors, and availability are based on the time of publication and are subject to change without notice from The Gentleman’s Choice. For the most update model availability and pricing, please visit



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