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Leather Honey

Sweeter Than Tupolo Honey

If you are like me, there are a few things in your wardrobe that are leather. For men, it's usually shoes, belts, perhaps a jacket or gloves. All of them need to be cared for, they need to be kept soft and supple, and from what I have spent on such items...they need to stay that way for a very long time. After all, the initial investment is usually pretty hefty so why wouldn't you not want to take the best care of them that you can?

So let me 'put a little honey in your ear', most products that I have used in the past have had a very temporary result, lasting only a few days depending on the item. But with Leather Honey, you get a complete care kit that makes leather just last longer.

Each kit contains 1 bottle of Leather Cleaner, 1 bottle of Leather Conditioner, and 2 lint-free applicator cloths so nothing comes out worse than when you started. Leather Honey specializes in providing non-toxic, chemical free leather care products that are made right here in the USA using the same formula that was invented back in 1968.

To date my 'honey-do' list has gotten shorter and looks better than it ever did. I have used the kit on my car's dash, seats, and door panels. I've used it on a pair of leather gloves, two pairs of shoes, and my Italian leather jacket that I purchased in Florence, Italy; the leather capital of Europe! The results have all been very favorable. The application process is easy, just 'wax on wax off' if you will. Dullness and faded color seem to disappear. The suppleness of each clothing item was instantly back to how it felt when I first bought them. Even the brittle, cracked appearance seemed to disappear when a second treatment was applied.

They also have a small box of Leather Care Wipes, of which I keep in my car. Each box contains 10 individually wrapped towelettes; five conditioning wipes and five textured cleaning wipes. Each one infused with the perfect amount of solution to clean and condition on the go! Because they are individually wrapped, none of them have dried out...and that's saying a lot here in the Florida sun.

Wipes can also be used on faux leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber....the only thing that they can't be used on is Suede.


Kits Available:

  • Leather Care Wipes (10 Pack) 5 Cleaner and 5 Conditioner Wipes, Each Foil Wrapped ($17.99*)

  • Leather Cleaner (From $18.99*)

  • Leather Conditioner (From $31.99*)

  • Leather Care Kit ($70.99*)

*Prices and availability are based on the time of publication and are subject to change without notice from The Gentleman’s Choice. For the most update availability and pricing, please visit


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