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Chatham Square Perch - Savannah, GA

My Little Perch in Savannah

Under the shade of moss-draped oak trees, just off the beaten path, over yonder on the corner, Chatham Square Perch is in the heart of historical Savannah, and just the perfect home for your next Southern getaway.

Visiting the South is always a wonderful experience. Southern hospitality is a “thing” and whether you want to admit it or not, as a visitor, it's welcoming in an unfamiliar place. Savannah, Georgia does hospitality better than most. The city itself is filled with friendly people willing to chat you up at breakfast discussing your plans for the day and offering unbiased, take it or leave it advice, on some local flavors they think should not be overlooked or simply saying “good morning” as you walk down the historic sidewalks.

I wanted this same 'southern charm' on my last visit to the city, and not willing to stay on the Riverfront with all of the other tourists, the search began for something more 'cozy' where I could move at my own pace. What I found was a quiet, second floor apartment located in the historic district of Savannah. Off the beaten path of the shopping and nightlife areas, and located in Chatham Square, Chatham Square Perch was just a short walk to downtown and had the charm, relaxation, and comfort I was looking for.

The apartment was easy to find and simple to access from the highway. On street parking was available with absolutely no issues and payment was easily manageable through a downloadable app. The apartment itself was light and bright, in part due to the location on the corner of the building allowing windows on both the North and West side to fill the space with natural light all day.

The sitting room was large with a comfortable armchair in one corner and sofa in the other; which could double as a second bed once folded out.

Southern Charm - Chatham Square Perch

The hardwood floors were covered by an area rug adding to the warm feeling of the room along side the small fireplace; adding to the historical coziness of the room. The kitchen was small, but had all of the amenities you would need for a short or long term stay; and with a major grocery store a few blocks away, stocking the kitchen for the week-long stay was an easy task.

The bedroom was just off the sitting room through a set of double doors. It had an eclectic mix of antique furniture, a 4-post king size bed, and the en suite bath with a standard tub/shower combination.

Eclectic Bedroom - Chatham Square Perch

The water pressure was weak and it took some getting use to as well as the dim light over the sink. A simple update of the fixtures would probably remedy these downfalls, but overall they didn't distract from the stay.

Everything Savannah had to offer was now, literally, on my doorstep. Although I didn't bother waiting in the extensive line that was out the door, Mrs. Wilkes Dining House is just two blocks away on Jones Street. There was a place we found, a little farther away, and just as local, Clary's Cafe, which ended up being frequented most mornings for breakfast. The food was excellent, and the prices were what they should be, if not a little lower than expected.

After breakfast, you could either continue to downtown for some leisure shopping or head the opposite direction to Forsyth Park to find a shady spot under a mighty oak tree or continue the breakfast vibe by grabbing a coffee at Collins Quarters at the Park. If you're there on a Saturday, then I recommend checking out the local Farmers Market to replenish the kitchen supplies.

If you're traveling with children, Chatham Square Perch is an ideal choice. The Savannah Children's Museum is close by, it's actually in one of the buildings inside the Georgia State Railroad Museum area. All of the activities are outside, so make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. But it's close enough to downtown that you can walk, or take the tourist shuttle bus that runs during the day to help keep the kiddos happy and to allow Mom and Dad some time for shopping along the Riverwalk or Boutique Shops of downtown. If it rains, you've got a relaxing place where everybody can unwind and run around a bit without too much disruption to the neighbors...even if it's just at the park across the street once the sun comes back out.

I found my 'Perch' for every additional trip to Savannah. With so much to see and do in the city, it's nice to know that looking for the best place to stay has already been decided.

Gas Lamps of the Neighborhood

There's a song by Jimmy Buffet called Savannah Fare You Well, where the essence of the song is around saying goodbye to a cherished person ...but for me it applies to the city as well. The cobblestone streets of the historic district shaded by the moss-draped oaks in the square have been there for what seems like forever, so I know the gas lights of all of our neighbors will still be burning when I return. It's never “good-bye”, but rather “see you later”.


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