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Porsche Macan

Exploit Every Drive

The Germans do cars well. At least that’s my opinion as an American. I’ve had the privilege of driving a few of the finest automobiles coming from central Europe, and if you had the same opportunity I think you’d agree. Porsche is, in my opinion, the standout sports car manufacturer of Germany as most of the others will be hidden under a veil of ‘sedan’ as we consumers see them.

However, in a world where everybody seems to be venturing into the cross-over SUV market, I suppose it was only a bit of time until the Macan showed up on the compact cross-over platform. But will it maintain that level of performance that we have all come to expect coming out of Stuttgart?

2018 Porsche Macan

Intense Moderation

It looks like the beefy Cayenne, but it’s not. It has similar body-lines as the 911, but it’s not that either. From the outside, the Macan is a Porsche…you can see that as soon as you walk up to it, and from that moment on I didn’t really care that this was an SUV, after all Porsche claims that it’s still a sports car.

But does the Macan live up to the Porsche heritage? The characteristic headlights are recessed into the hood that stretches across to the wheel arches. The large air intakes create a broad and demanding front end that cannot be denied as a legendary sports car descendant. And from the back it starts off slender and widens out over the rear wheels in pure Porsche fashion.

Porsche Macan Highway Driving
Porsche Macan Center Console

Once you ease yourself into the driver’s seat the brand’s heritage is all around you and you almost forget you are sitting in an SUV. The array of buttons on the center console give you a ‘cockpit’ feeling which only excites one further for the ride. Even the steering wheel has been borrowed from the 918 Spyder. So yes, from the outside appearance this is a Porsche. Enough said.

Remarkable Power: Standard

The true joy of the Macan comes when you get it on the open road. The base model 2.0 liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged engine delivers 252 horsepower and will get you from 0-60 before you have had enough of listening to that great engine rumble when you hit the gas.

It is reasonably quick and agile considering it is standard all-wheel drive, but most of the torque is sent to the rear axle in normal driving conditions. If needed you can change it up for the road conditions at any given time through the center console. When need be, it becomes completely front wheel drive.

Highway driving was a dream, as expected. So we opted to get it off the beaten path a bit to see how it handled on some different types of terrain.

Porsche Macan Salt Flat Speed

Once selected for ‘off road’ the Macan switches all relevant systems to optimize traction and mobility. Some isolated gatch tracks and salt flats were no issue and it handled well with minimal body roll in the turns. There was a slight wind and road noise when we were on the move, but overall I could never complain about any long distance drive or weekend cruising. In exceptional driving circumstances, this Porsche doesn’t seem out of place.

Luxury-Sport Is A 'Thing'

From the driver’s side, three large round dials outline the dash with the tachometer being in the middle instead of off to one side; exactly where it should be in a sports car.

Porsche Macan Sports Car Heritage Interior

Porsche Macan Panoramic Sunroofs

The sports car genes are apparent on every stitch but that doesn’t mean that Porsche has compromised comfort. The seats, although offering racing-style support and stepped up with suede instead of regular leather, are completely adjustable although it would have been nice to have them climatized as well.

Maybe part of the heat factor was from the panoramic sunroof that stretched from front to back. If it were, then I suppose it's something that can be dealt with. Since I wasn't in a convertible 911, it was nice to have the overhead sensation that I was.

Tech is abounding, too. The Apple CarPlay connects all of the apps and information from your phone so it’s readily available at the touch of a button. Siri voice control is also available. The voice recognition interface allows convenient use of your apps while you’re on the move while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Storage is also at a maximum. The engine is front mounted (sorry Porsche purists) to allow for cargo space of more than 17.5 cubic feet. This increases with the rear bench seat offering a split-folding ratio of 40:20:40. When completely folded the available capacity increases to 53 cubic feet.

A Pace Car for Enjoyment

After four days of driving, is the Macan the sports car that Porsche claims it to be? Possibly…if you pick up the GTS or Turbo models. My feeling is that the base model Macan fell short…especially in the acceleration and power aspects to be classified as a ‘true sports car’.

Porsche Macan Tail Lights in the Desert

It was enjoyable to drive and there was a bit of an added swagger from anybody who climbed in and out of it thanks to the insignia on the hood, but this is an entry model Porsche for the family. It still exhilarates like a Porsche should, in some ways.

The Macan is one of those cars that is built for life and everything that comes with it, and even when there is a life of moderation, it can be lived with some fun. It will still stand out in a crowd when the need is to do so. Surprisingly enough, it does take the ‘everyday’ out of every day.


Price As Tested: $64,575

Engine: 2.0 Liter, four-cylinder Turbo

Power: 252 horsepower @ 5,000rpm

Top Rivals: BMW X4, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Range Rover Velar

Photo Credit: Neil Hernandez | Instagram: @tabaneil


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