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Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupé

Coupé Diem

Seeming to be impeccably clean of any bulges, creases, or unbearable sharp angles, the new Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupé is a head-turner. The powerful temperament will surely excite drivers as soon as they lay eyes on it; the slender roof that tapers into a sporty rear-end races across the profile of the new E-class in much the same way that waves move across the surface of the ocean. Even passersby will gain a small preview of the sensual purity of this modern day masterpiece.

Inescapable Gaze

This two-door version of Mercedes-Benz’s second largest sedan is both 4.8 inches longer and 3 inches wider than her four-door sister, allowing for an additional 3 inches of legroom in the back. It even comes with a longer wheelbase making the profile more sleek and streamlined than before.

Aerodynamics have been personified in the new E-Class Coupé. The LED headlights and taillights have been flattened and stretched providing a whoosh of movement from the center to the edge when the vehicle is opened and one which runs in reverse when it is locked.

But let’s not stop there. Mercedes-Benz has removed the b-pillar between the front and rear windows allowing for not only a panoramic view through the sunroof overhead, but also over each shoulder, bringing with it the exhilaration of unbridled freedom of a cabriolet when you completely open her up.

No matter where you look it’s clear to see that there is a youthful and athletic charm that quickly brandishes unfiltered emotions and an uncontrollable need to get inside.

Bespoke Luxury

From this point on, I could tell you about the 20-inch rims, thunderous 23 speaker Burmester sound system, standard 9-speed gearbox commanding blistering acceleration, and high-definition head’s up display; but to be honest that’s not what draws you in. You’re going to buy this car for the way it looks, so if you don’t mind…I’m going to spend a little more time dwelling on appearance.

Easing yourself into the E200 Coupé, you immediately notice that the interior’s attention to bespoke luxury is the same story as the exterior, only the second chapter in grand design.

The interior space is accommodating and generous. It is perfectly suitable for touring, but will accommodate only four adults, which is the time-honoured tradition of the Gran Turismo.

Mercedes-Benz has wrapped nearly every contour in leather with brushed metal accents. The front seats have a multi-contour ability complete with massage function allowing for both driver and passenger to customize their ride experience based on their own particular physique. The bespoke airvents are reminiscent of jet turbines accentuating the conscious effort to make something different from other models.

The two high-resolution and vibrant 12.3-inch displays stretch across the dash under a single lens to produce a “widescreen cockpit” – completely unique to this segment.

Directly in front of the driver’s view, the instrument cluster can be customized by the driver in three styles, Classic, Sport, and Progressive, depending on which bits of information and view the driver considers most important. Both screens can be completely controlled from the two small touch pads on the corresponding sides of the steering wheel…thus you never need to falter command of the vehicle in search of a new radio station or navigation destination.

Even the interior lighting can be bespoke. The durable and energy saving LED technology from the exterior lights is brought inside and with the enhanced ambient lighting you have 64 different colors to choose from to suit your mood.

Beauty AND Brains

Setting out on the highway, it seems that the E200 Coupé uses EVERY driver assistance tool ever invented.

First you have the standard front mounted radar that, when cruise control is activated, will brake when you come up to a slower moving vehicle.

Second, the Lane Tracking Package combines not one but two driver assistance systems to keep you from veering from your lane unintentionally, or if need be can actually change lanes for you.

And my personal favorite, the E Coupé can actually drive itself…at least for a short time. It has what is called “Level 3 Autonomy”. Which means, while in cruise control the two safety packages mentioned above work together to keep you centered in your lane and allowing the driver to literally let go of the wheel for up to 60 seconds.

Please keep in mind, it’s not something that should be used all the time and it certainly isn’t there so that you can catch up on your latest social media feed or episode of your favorite television show. The idea is to give a break when taking longer journeys, thus relieving some of the driver’s workload and making the entire journey safer for everybody in the car. And if all else fails, the E Coupé is constantly monitoring driver fatigue anyway and if need be, will suggest that you take a break when it deems concentration to be lagging.

An Exciting World Awaits

All in all, the E Coupé is not meant for hot laps around a racetrack, there are other Mercedes-Benz models better suited for that day out. But if you want a long-range cruiser, then this, hands down, is the right choice.

Sure, choosing the E-Class as your “coupé du jour” will certainly make you feel a bit selfish, but Mercedes-Benz has tried to ease that guilty feeling by doing what they do best; combining technology, space, style and luxury in an alluring two-door body.

They have covertly reminded us all that, “just when you think you know something, you have to look at it in a new and different way”. Getting behind the wheel of the E Coupé will certainly remind anybody of that.

If you need to spend a few hours in the car, then I don’t see too many other choices that would make the longer distances this enjoyable. And for those of you paying attention; yes…you can buy the 4-door sedan version of the same car with the same stuff inside, with less damage to the bank account…but which one would you rather see in your driveway? That’s what I thought….now go out there and Coupé Diem!


Price As Tested: $83,600

Horsepower: 184 @ 5,500rpm

0-60mph: 7.8 seconds

Top Rivals: BMW 6 Series, Audi A7 and Audi A5 Coupé


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