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The Boardroom Salon For Men - Tulsa

Be Your Own Boss

Men’s haircuts have always been somewhat less complicated than women’s, or at least that’s the way I’ve seen it. Things usually go relatively pretty easy and don’t require a lot of discussion. We find a barber, walk in (usually no appointments), sit down, answer the question “The ususal?” or “Trim it up?”, watch whatever sport is on the television, pay, and walk out with the casual affirmation of “See you next time.” – wash, rinse, repeat in the simplified world of a man.

Ok…that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the idea is still the same. Unless, that is, you make an appointment at The Boardroom; and with locations throughout the United States even a man on the go will have an opportunity to look his best wherever a Boardroom can be found.

When you enter any Boardroom location, you will instantly feel the nostalgia of the classic barbershop combined with a masculine, country club environment. Dark wood paneling, leather-backed barber chairs, pool table, chessboard, and complimentary beverage (some locations have ‘adult beverages’) are all part of the vibe that helps any man unwind, and feel confident about the services a highest quality haircut, shave, or spa service can provide.

The Benchmark Haircut

The signature service of the boardroom, is certainly a ‘benchmark’ experience. Consisting of a tailored haircut and 15 minutes of a relaxing ‘man-pering’ spa service, it is the way to go if you have the time.

I met Shayna, the location’s manager, and discussed some options for my haircut upon getting situated in my barber chair. Working her way around, she was able to recognize and repair some problem areas that I had from my previous haircut. Once things were the way the should have been, it was time for the most intriguing aspect of The Benchmark; the 15 minutes of relaxing spa services.

Leaving the front barbershop room, I was escorted to a much more zen room in the back with 4 wash stations. This room had the same dark wood and leather as the front, but with the dimmed lights and relaxing music, I could tell this was going to be the best part.

Shayna started with the most intriguing service I had never experienced; the Paraffin Hand Dip. I was asked to dip my hand into what can only be described as a crockpot filled with a clear liquid. Almost immediately, I could feel the waxy substance solidifying on my submerged hand. Once removed Shayna applied long plastic bags to keep the paraffin from getting all over the place and then slid my hands into giant oven mitts to help keep the heat in.

Feeling helpless, yet surprisingly calm, the next step while the paraffin worked was an energizing shampoo and conditioning accompanied with a scalp massage. The effort put in to not fall asleep was more than I wanted to think about, but as Shayna finished the pressure-point facial massage she placed a steamed towel over my face with a hint of Eucalyptus to aide in relaxation. To be honest, this step was unnecessary but whom am I to complain?

The stress-relieving hand massage was up next. Shayna removed the oven mitts and plastic bags along with the thin layer of paraffin that had now solidified on my hands with one simple and painless motion. Five minutes of this was enough to make my hands super soft, something I was told that the surgeons of the nearby hospital have done on a nearly daily basis.

Once complete it was back to the front room for the finishing touches; a precision neck shave, and styling. Shayna selected a range of Beardbrand products which included a Spiced Citrus styling balm to set everything in place.

A Hot Lather Shave

Since it was a Saturday, and I had nothing pressing to get to, I also opted for the Traditional Hot Lather Shave by their in-house barber, Easton.

Much to the same idea that you want a Michelin Star Chef to be a bit robust and not the skinniest guy you’ve ever seen, Easton’s beard was neat and well maintained, so I knew I was in for another elite service.

Again, the whole service began with a skin consultation. Making sure that there would be no harm coming to my ‘worse case scenario combination of tough beard and sensitive skin’ Easton applied first a pre-shave oil to help soften things up along with a steamed towel to open the skin. After applying a Black Pepper and Lime shave cream by St. James of London, he worked methodically and slowly making sure that every whisker met its proper demise. When satisfied, Easton finished by applying a Cedarwood and Clarysage aftershave that smelled great and felt even better on my cheeks and neck.

Easton explained that his love for shaves came from his Grandfather and that it was this tradition from a bygone era was what he wanted to bring to each of his customers. This was a concept that I could certainly appreciate. A straight-razor shave is, in my opinion, the only way to ever get a shave and if you’re going to learn how to do one properly, then it might as well be from somebody who did it that way every day of his life.

Consistent Quality

Focusing on the promise that every client has an outstanding experience on each visit, The Boardroom has clearly built a reputation as a leader in quality men’s grooming; which is something that you can experience at every location through one of their memberships.

The Boardroom offers three different packages with three different durations, each of which has a varying degree of discount dependent on how many times you take advantage of your membership, up to about 72% should you select the 12-month membership and come in for a trim every week.

Not only that, but your membership is valid at all locations throughout the United States, which is perfect for the traveling business man or anybody who wants or needs to look their best at all times no matter where they are.

Regardless, whether you have the available time or not, there is something on the menu to fit anybody’s schedule and budget. Is it more expensive than your typical ‘quickie cut’? Of course, but for the peace of mind of having the best of the best, and having a cut that is made on your own consultation, it’s worth every penny. At The Boardroom, they help every man get ready…for whatever that may be.


Tulsa Location:

Shops at Warren Place

4820 E 61st Street, Suite 150

Tulsa Location Timings:

Mon – Thurs: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm Fri: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Sun: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Phone: (539) 424-4466

All Other Locations: Book Anywhere


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