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Angry Axe - Tulsa

Unleash Your Urban Lumberjack

If you’re not paying attention, you’ll drive right past the building. Angry Axe, Tulsa’s premiere axe throwing location is located on the corner of Admiral and Peoria, not far from downtown. With the only designation from the street being two axes painted on the side of the building, this is the only indication you’ll have that you’ve arrived.

Lumberjacks have always been, and will probably always remain, one of those occupations that is synonymous with ‘being manly’, just think of the Brawny Man…even the product name itself. The Legend of Paul Bunyan has always held the traditional larger-than-life persona dressed in plaid shirt with suspenders and a beard.

We decided to ‘lumberjack up’ and took an afternoon to try out the new urban phenomenon of axe throwing, something that was absolutely new to all of us, but also had the potential for some good laughs and stress relief.

An AXEcellent Question

You’re probably wondering who came up with the crazy pastime. Well, you don’t have to look any further than our friendly neighbors to the North. Axe throwing has been a popular sport in Canada for years, and from what we learned, had almost 1,500 members at the end of last year in the province of Ontario alone.

To understand the appeal of urban axe throwing, it’s probably necessary to understand that urban axe throwing is more than just hurling axes at a target in the hopes that it’ll stick in whatever piece of wood you have in front of you. Urban axe throwing is a competition with specific rules and regulations, though nothing too complicated. We were asked to sign in and once we were all settled in and had a lane assigned to us, we were briefed on the easiest and most comfortable way to throw.

Lumberjack Up

The first few throws in the lane didn’t go well. Although the lane is long enough where ricochets shouldn’t be something you worry about, if you happen to land your toss on the blunt end of the axe head or the handle, it does have a tendency to bounce.

That being said, there is something extremely satisfying when you finally get the weight of the axe, the rotation in the throw, and the distance all worked out. The muffled ‘thump’ and cracking of wood that happens when it sticks for the first time is greatly satisfying. Some of us even found it helpful to let out a ‘barberic yelp’ on the release which for one reason or another always helped.

After a few consecutive throws with that satisfying feeling, we thought it best to amp things up a bit in the form of a competition. AC/DC’s Back In Black was blaring out of the ceiling mounted speakers and we all felt this was more appropriate for what was about to happen.

Don’t Fly Off The Handle…Let The Handle Fly!

The chosen competition of the afternoon was ‘Around the World’. The concept was easy, hit each ring of the target in order along with the two additional corner bonus areas to win. Although we tried, it really didn’t work out well and it wasn’t too long before we went back to just trying to hit the bullseye.

If you do happen to be one of those people where competition is the way of things, there is a league that you can join with weekly league nights and competitions. The winning team could qualify for the national competition held in Toronto with over $25,000 in prize money.

Everybody starts out as a beginer, but it doesn’t take long before you start sticking your throws more often than not. Physical strength doesn’t make you more successful either.

If you enjoy the outdoors and lumberjack activities, you may want to give it a go. Or if you just want to try something new, then axe throwing is a very unique and interesting experience, even if you’ve never held an axe before. We all left with the same feeling; it was a great afternoon and we all had a blast. It’s even a good activity that the whole family can enjoy, even at the next backyard BBQ…just call them to book your private event.



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