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Tailored Elegance To Order

Have you ever heard the saying “A man in a well-tailored suit is to a woman what a woman in lingerie is to a man.”? I’m not one to argue.

Allure - Abu Dhabi

Outside of the rare response of “In a uniform”, the consensus to the question, “What would you like to dress your man in most?” was overwhelmingly a blushing answer of ‘a well-tailored suit’ accompanied by a sly smile, at least according to the women I asked.

The feel and cut of a suit tailor-made is one of the best feelings out there for a man in terms of confidence. It makes you look good. And if you look good you feel good. And if you feel good then you’re happier. If you’re happier then you smile more and the entire world will unlock for you.

If you are like me and revel in that kind of sophisticated sensation, then book an appointment for a new suit at Allure Fine Tailoring and Fabrics located in Abu Dhabi. For nearly four decades Allure has been the fine tailor of choice for some of Abu Dhabi’s best-dressed gentleman from around the globe.

Step 1: Color, Fabric, & Cut

After booking an appointment myself, I arrived for the first stage of obtaining my bespoke suit. The shop has a relaxed yet elegant feel to it, a bit of nostalgia for the days when this type of activity would exist only on the streets of New York City, London, or Milan. There are high back leather chairs and a sofa for your comfort and since this is a place for men, there is the quintessential Elk head hanging on the wall.

A Selection of Fabrics & Measurements - Allure Fine Tailoring

I was met at the door by Store Manager, Mr. Amit Nichani, who had just one question as I entered, “What can we make for you today?”. I took a seat on the leather sofa and began to filter through the different types of fabric once we had established the color of the suit I was most interested in. Fabric samples from Italy, London, and France, just to name a few, were all laid out in front of me to comb through at my leisure.

I eventually settled on a lovely Scabal from Belgium, which just felt and looked right. Now that the hard part was out of the way, the only thing left was to take my measurements for the initial construction of my bespoke suit. Every possible measurement from head to toe was taken by Master Tailor, Naim Ahmed, as Mr. Nichani wrote everything down on a measurement chart, essentially creating a three-dimensional figure by a simple series of numbers.

In the following two weeks, the tailor cut and pieced the initial pattern together and the next time they called me if would be for the first fitting to make sure everything was on the right track. All I had to do was wait.

Step 2: First Fitting, Adjustments, & Lining Color

My second trip to Allure was when I got my first glimpse at my bespoke suit. The suit jacket, pants, and vest were roughly sewn together and ready for the first fitting. Mr. Ahmed slid on my jacket and began to make the necessary adjustments to sleeve length, shoulder fit, and overall length in the back.

First Fitting With Master Tailor, Naim Ahmed - Allure Fine Tailoring, Abu Dhabi

The slacks were adjusted on the waist and the inseam was adjusted to the right length. I had specified a pair of cuffed slacks, just because I think they look classier and because of this, also opted for double pleats in the front.

Once Mr. Naim was satisfied that he had it right, I changed out of the jacket and pants; it was now time to choose the finishing liner for the inside of the jacket and the back of the vest.

Silk Lining Selections

Although not as extensive as the suit fabric had been, there were options to be considered for the lining. Silk was my choice which narrowed it down a lot. Seeing it against the suit fabric it was sharp and stylish. Not too avant-garde, and not too vintage, it had the right amount of character for me and I was excited about the choice…even if it did make me a little nervous; had I chosen correctly?

If you have a fabric that you’d like to use that has a significance for you instead of choosing something from the fabric swatches, bring it in and they’ll be happy to see if there is enough to make it work. After the short 30-minute visit, I had to wait again.

Step 3: Final Fitting & The Moment of Truth

The Final Product with Master Tailor, Naim Ahmed - Allure Fine Tailoring, Abu Dhabi

After receiving the phone call that my suit was ready, I couldn’t get to Allure fast enough. This third visit had the same anticipation and excitement as the first one and I couldn’t wait to see my final product.

Again, Mr. Naim was there to make sure everything fit correctly. “I really think you’re going to like it” he said as he slid my bespoke selection from a garment bag hanging behind the counter.

He wasn’t wrong, it fit like a glove. I could feel myself smiling and standing up straight as I admired his handiwork in the full-length mirror. As I stood there, he made his way around me making sure that all of the adjustments he had taken in my previous visit had been executed correctly. There was a small smile of pride as he came back to the front and said, “It’s a good-looking suit, and you made the absolute right choice on the liner.”

Would I recommend Allure for all of my bespoke tailoring needs? Absolutely. They have a wide selection of fabric for dress shirts as well. Whether solid or striped, button sleeve or French cuffs, they will get you dressed to impress. From start to finish, every aspect was the best of the best. Do keep in mind that it does take a minimum of four weeks to complete a suit order so make sure that you do plan in advance.

If time is an issue, you can make use of The Allure Premium Experience. This service brings Allure to you and is designed to save their premium customer’s time. Their service team and master tailor will visit your home or office (provided it’s in Abu Dhabi City) when it’s convenient for you. From there you’ll choose every detail in the same way you would by visiting the store. For more information on this, please visit their website to see if you qualify and how to book an appointment.

Allure Fine Tailoring, Abu Dhabi

They do have customers from all over the world, not only in Abu Dhabi. Because of this there is the option for them to keep your measurements on file so you can order a suit from anywhere in the world and they’ll ship it out to you when it’s completed. This came as great news to me as some of my older suits are needing to be replaced. My only problem is which color should I get next?


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Al Hashemi Bldg. Muroor Rd. (4th St.) on the corner of Al Dhafra St. (25th st.) - Abu Dhabi


Saturday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Friday: 3:30pm – 10pm


Phone: (+971) 2 634-4990

Online: Book Here

Photo Credit: Neil Hernandez | Instagram: @tabaneil


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