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Jazz Lounge Spa - Palm Jumeirah

Finishing Touches

If you’re a guy like me, then the idea of spending an afternoon in the presence of lavender scented towels, soothing sounds played on a Khim, and trickling fountains is something that you’d only remotely consider if the wife or girlfriend was behind it. Couples massage I believe it’s called.

But Gentlemen, you do need to spend time at the spa. And it’s quite enjoyable if you think of it not for the ‘beauty’ aspect, but for the ‘heath of the skin and body’. Jazz Lounge Spa is a place that doesn’t feel like a spa, but more like a place for a man to get the grooming attention he needs to keep his skin healthy and toned. Currently, there are locations in Dubai and Al Ain, so you don’t have to travel far to feel great!

I was invited to the newest Flagship location on the Golden Mile of Palm Jumeirah, near the Golden Mile Galleria Mall.

A Manly Man’s World

From the moment you walk through the front door, the stereotypical spa concept sort of goes out the window. The hardwood floor has an earthy feel as it works well with the dark wood of the cabinets, high-backed leather chairs, and brick accents that give the whole place a slight industrial feel. Smooth vocal sounds of Ella Fitzgerald were playing when I entered and checked in for my appointment.

I was there for a simple manicure/pedicure treatment, but other services include massages, skin care, hair care, and waxing and hair removal.

The treatment rooms have the same character as the rest of the spa. I found myself easing back in a high-backed leather chair while smooth jazz continued to play over the speakers. I was offered a coffee, which was brought over promptly and I was soon greeted by Dinara and Jhoana would be polishing up my nails that afternoon.

Trimmed, Repaired, & Polished

Working simultaneously, Dinara and Jhoana both began by trimming the nails back to where they should be, regardless of how short I thought they already where. Once trimmed the files came out and each fingernail was shaped perfectly with a series of nail files. As one hand and foot were being shaped the other side was soaking getting ready for the next step.

Cuticle repair was next on the list of services. I asked the ladies why this was so important and they explained to me it was for the health of the nail, which I hadn’t considered as being important up to this point. They proceeded to trim the cuticle on each finger and push it back into place. Once satisfied that each finger was better than it was when I arrived, each nail was buffed to an absolute shine and felt smoother than they had ever been in the past.

Dinara, who was my pedicure expert for the afternoon, proceeded the buffing of the nails with a few moments to remove the dry skin from my feet with a foot file…leaving them smooth and soft and feeling like new.

Best Part of My Day

When it was all finished, I couldn’t believe that I had been there for over an hour. My ‘man’i/pedi made me feel like a million dollars and for the first time EVER I actually understood why women spend so much time getting their nails done.

The small detail of immaculate nails elevated my presence in the room. Did anybody else notice? Probably not…but that’s ok because going to the spa is more about feeling better yourself than making yourself more noticeable to other people.

The wide range of treatments that are on offer at Jazz Lounge Spa span everything from beard trims to haircuts as well as massages to rejuvenation services for the skin. For a complete list of services and packages, you'll have to check out their website. It is a full-service spa, but for the man who would prefer to go to the barber rather than a ‘stylist’ in terms of atmosphere.

In a world that is moving at an ever-faster pace, every man can take an hour or two to slow down a bit to stay slick and fresh.



Golden Mile 1, Golden Mile Galleria, Palm Jumeirah


Daily 10am – 10pm


Phone: +971 4 241-1424

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