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There's a fine line between freezing to death and treating an ailment and it’s called cryotherapy, and in just one session, an average person can burn around 400-500 calories.

The sensation of flight and the adventure of barn-storming is what the afternoon held in store as we tossed our silk scarf over our shoulder, lowered our goggles over our eyes, and climbed to the top wing of a vintage 1940 Boeing Stearman biplane. CONTACT!

The Sydney Harbor Bridge opened in 1932 and has been an indispensable component of the Sydney skyline ever since. But to truly experience one of the grandest harbors in the entire world, driving across this marvel of engineering isn’t going to cut it. Instead you need to suit up, clip on, and hope you don’t have vertigo and as you climb the steel girders, making your way to the pinnacle of the central arch.

Not far from downtown Tulsa in the Pearl District, there is a place where flannel is the preferred color and beards are the dress code. A place where skills of a bygone era are alive and well, and you might just release a bit of pent-up hostility with a good ol’ fashioned afternoon of axe throwing.

For a higher level of men’s grooming we visited the newest location in Tulsa for men; at The Boardroom you’ll be your own boss when you get a “Benchmark” service that is a cut above anything you’ve ever had before.

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